Become A Basics’ Chaperone

Will you help us?

It is a legal requirement that whenever a child of compulsory school age takes part in a public performance they must be supervised backstage at all times by an approved chaperone. Therefore Basics relies heavily on parents, friends, relatives and volunteers to take on the role of chaperone. So that we can share the load we are always looking for people to join our team of chaperone. Will you help?

What the role entails –

As a Chaperone you are the key person to protect, safeguard and support the children ensuring that the experience the children gain from taking part in performances is both beneficial and enjoyable.

Once approved by the Local Authority, a Chaperone has the authority to supervise children and school shows, local theatre and West End Shows alike.

The approval process takes about 8 weeks but in terms of your time it takes just an hour or so.

Basics will fund the process for you.

Please email us to register your interest in joining our team of chaperones.